Sustainability and environmental Protection

Our quality and environmental protection policy as a PDF-file (in German language)

Quality and environmental protection policy

Our products and services, including purchased materials and services, are manufactured in such a quality and environmentally friendly manner as is economically feasible according to the state of the art and - insofar as it is our responsibility - also disposed of. Environmentally conscious actions at all workplaces is the task of all our employees.

We want:

• maintain the company's success in the long term through entrepreneurial thinking and acting and enable future-proof investments. Our employees are therefore not only obliged to implement our QM and UM system and the instructions contained therein, but are also called upon to cooperate in securing and increasing our quality level.

• comply with legal and official requirements as well as customer demands, and record and assess the impact of all operational activities on the environment.

• to meet the needs and expectations of our customers through our entrepreneurial activities and to quickly realize the requirements of the market and the customers.

• use resources (materials, air, water, energy, soil) responsibly and avoid emissions.

• apply the economic concept for quality improvement through prevention and error avoidance and actively design our production processes and product planning to be environmentally friendly.

• achieve a high standard in the design of our products and therefore attach great importance to high-quality tools and equipment that are subject to regular maintenance and inspection.

• to improve the qualifications of all employees through continuous further training measures, to employ the best possible trained personnel according to the requirements and to place high demands on the abilities, motivation and personal attitude of our employees towards the company.

• constantly improve quality, environmental protection, costs and technology and reduce environmental pollution through targeted continuous improvement processes (CIP)

We make this company policy available to our employees, contractual partners, the public and all interested parties.

This declaration on the quality and environmental policy of the company management is binding for all employees.

As of: 28.04.2017