Ink cartridge „DK2"

Leweku Ink cartridge „DK2"

The "DK2" ink cartridge consists of a total of six individual parts and is an ink cartridge used in offset printing with a new type of sealing system, which can be filled with two litres of ink and operated at a pressure of 1 bar up to 4 bar.
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The innovative, newly designed and patented pressure valve (patent EP 1800 870) opens when the pressure increases and closes automatically when the pressure decreases.
A special feature here is that a compression spring is used to close the valve.

The sealing cap fulfils several tasks.
On the one hand, it serves as transport safety, on the other hand it keeps the valve closed during filling so that no paint can escape.
The cap also protects ink cartridges that have not been completely emptied from drying out so that they can be reused later.

The unique convex piston head in the direction of the valve ensures an almost complete escape of residual air during filling and insertion of the piston.
In addition, when using the "DK2" cartridge, almost the entire ink quantity is expressed.
Due to the translucent polypropylene cartridge body, it is always possible to see the fill level and colour of the ink.
For UV-curing inks and varnishes, the "DK2" ink cartridge is also available in a UV-protected version.

Technische Daten:


Weight including piston:


Outside diameter:

Height without sealing cap:

Height with sealing cap:

Colour Cartridge body:

Colour valve:

Colour sealing cap:

Colour piston:

Packaging units of the empty cartridge:

2 liters

205 gramm

Polypropylen (PP)




transluzent / black



transluzent / black

48 pieces per box
(480 pieces per pallet)